You're Still Fat

It's 11:11 And you're still fat

wishes, obesityCaitlin VanderKlokComment

Happy Friday the 13th! In honor of this cursed day, please allow us to bless you with a list of 13 chic things you can wish for at 11:11 today:

  1. Food poisoning.
  2. Zero-cal vodka
  3. This, this, this, this, this, this, this.
  4. Turning 28 with the metabolism of a pre-teen
  5. Concave middles
  6. This YSF x Moschino iPhone case that's just like, "NBD I eat carbs"
  7. Size 00 that's a tad too loose
  8. Being in between sizes, like, newborn and toddler
  9.  Cheese plants
  10. The demise of the 21st century mullet: the fedora
  11. Time lapse to before Beyonce had hair as long as Prince George's christening gown
  12. Your ratty H&M staple is mistaken for Chanel...oh, this old thing?! 
  13. A jawline