You're Still Fat

The Shop is Open! Tell someone they're fat on Valentine's Day.

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Don't worry, they ALL come in sample size.

Don't worry, they ALL come in sample size.

The day of lust is just around the corner and before you make table-for-one reservations on your couch, how about spreading some of the love we're all feeling around Joan Didion's campaign for Céline by sharing a Valentine from yours truly?  Don't mistake us for total saps, but we firmly believe everyone deserves a little love on Valentine's Day (typically ours comes in the form of a pizza). 

So strap on your strap-on or whatever you freaks are into and click SHOP. Worst case scenario you can send one to your ex--we've got the perfect message.

xxL - YSF

P.S. Orders placed after February 8 cannot be guaranteed to ship in time for you to mail to your long-distance bae.