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Your 2018 Period Playlist

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<3 our cycles are synced <3

<3 our cycles are synced <3

If there's one thing you should know about us, it's that we've been emotionally menstruating since January 20, 2017 ... think about it. Anyway, the State of the Uniom last week really increased our flow so we started googling, "can excess blood flow mean increased weight loss? Does a year-long cycle mean you're pregnant? Are diva cups a tax write-off?!!!" And we discharged, er, discovered some info. The Blood Moon was literally mother nature's period and is causing two red visitors this month. Just in time for a winter weekend white-out, shrieky-chic! 

courage is all red on a white couch, AMIRIGHT LADIES?!

courage is all red on a white couch, AMIRIGHT LADIES?!

So we're dedicating a playlist to those special every 28 days, or in our case - 365 emotions a week. Break out your elastic waistband, padlock your pantry, and call your mom because it's time to let it ALL OUT. 

Best enjoyed with a bottle of red wine, half a xanny, and Stepmom playing on OWN.




2016: Biggest Year Yet

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Happy 2k16 freaks!

We're back and bigger than ever, and in time-honored YSF fashion we came together to ring in the new year and celebrate going up a pant size over champagne, champagne, fur, refined sugar, and champagne. Cheers to muffin tops!

Special thanks to our team of chicness & beyond for the T-zone care, birthweight inspiration, and borrowed fur.

Re-live that eighth piece of pumpkin pie with their other work here.

Which Fashion Week Baby Are You?

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You're freshly bathed, abundantly SPF-ed, draped in a vintage Miu Miu cape with a removable hood, and ready to take on Fashion Week. But now the question is - where to sit? Are you in a front row booster seat at the end of the runway next to Diane Kruger? Or are you closing Burberry in gold lamè chaps with mom? Did you even remember your La Perla knee-highs under your Celine onesie this morning? Luckily for you, we're here to prescribe you a baby Xanax for your trending temper tantrum. Put down your flaxseed chocolate milk and put on your last-season-Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs thinking cap (too soon?) to find out who your inner celebrity baby is at Fashion Week.