You're Still Fat


Your Low-Cal Guide to #PFW

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Happy Monday, freaks! In an effort to be fashionably late for Paris Fashion Week, we've rounded up who was in, what was out, and how many croissants went to waste. So pull up your balance ball chair, pretend to have a core and find out what you missed, who was dissed, and why Elton is pissed.

paris fashion week

Here's the skinny: 

  • Shriek of the Week: Dolce and Gabbana caused another stir from Milan by slamming IVF, gay marriage, etc...albeit that they're two gay men who had children walk their show last week. #BoycottDolceGabbana and throw away your sunglasses (we know they're fake anyway).
  • The Weasleys were shown up by Hogwarts' newest set of duplicates: Kim, Jared, and Draco.
  • Breakfast at Chanel: Calories of grapefruit presse, espresso, and hunks of baguette were served front row at Chanel, while models walked the runway at their birth weight.
  • Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis (let's call her Liz) filled everyone's instagram feed, leaving a bad taste in our mouths. 
  • Life imitated art at Junya Wantanabe's, if only we could fold our sizes in half...

IF you're actually #blessed with leftovers

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The 24 hours we live/die for each year has come and gone, leaving with us a sense of accomplishment (for our consumption rate) and regret (for our consumption rate). The thought of waiting another year to be filled with chic food and wine above seven dollars a bottle gives us an empty feeling in a not-chic way. The kind of empty you feel when there's half a pie left and you know you could've made room despite noshing four servings of your aunt's maple syrup sweet potatoes whilst your pants remain completely unbuttoned. BUT, if you're lucky enough to have a fridge of even a few leftovers, consider yourself honored enough to be a chosen one. Introducing the ladies of Clear Backpack. What we've learned from them: last summer was the summer of the crop top and most importantly - why use a Ziploc when you can carry an entire week's worth of leftovers on your back while still having two free hands to reapply your chubby stick stored in your grandmother's gucci? Our thoughts exactly. These ladies know how to do leftovers the right way. And if this ain't right, darling, we want to be wrong.