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"Speak softly and always carry red lipstick." - Liza as Theodore Roosevelt

"Speak softly and always carry red lipstick." - Liza as Theodore Roosevelt

Today we recognize the men who worked in an office with a view chicer than Jenna Lyons' (sorry bae) while flawlessly mastering layering AND the tomboy looq (sorry again, Jenn). 

In honor of their work, we re-worked their greatest looqs: their presidential portraits. Naturally, we started with a stocked cabinet, calling on those who are always there when we need them most: doughnuts for sustenance, Rhona for the political tresses, and Christina for a portrait worth 1,000 impeachments. With the assistance of our trusted advisors and a lot of refined sugar, we bring you a tribute to Presidents' Day, YSF style. 

First up, above:


Theodore "T.R." Roosevelt, 26th President

  • Signature Looq: Referred to himself as a Bull Moose, which we have now adopted to also refer to ourselves.
  • Riskiest Looq: Went commando in the Potomac River - in the winter.
  • YSF Looq: Monocle Mugshot

Andrew Jackson, 7th President

  • Signature Looq: On the $20 billz, ya'll.
  • Riskiest Looq: Married his wife before she was divorced from her first hubby - #SCANDAL!
  • YSF Looq: Brows, brows, and fur.

Martin 'Bedhead' Van Buren, 8th President

  • Signature Looq: Known as the "Little Magician" due to his 5'6 stature - was his hair counted in that? 
  • Riskiest Looq: Credited for starting the Democratic party - chic for Obama!
  • YSF Looq: The wider the hair, the closer to heaven. 

John Adams, 2nd President

  • Signature Looq: The first Vice President of the US.
  • Riskiest Looq: Enrolled in Harvard at 15, while you were still watching Degrassi...
  • YSF Looq: Sequined bald cap and extra bronzer. 

Presidential photos via RooseveltVan Buren / Jackson / Adams