You're Still Fat


Get the Fork Out

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Not pictured: upper lip sweat

Not pictured: upper lip sweat

After an entire month of layering long sleeves under our caftans for the Dunkin Donuts drive thru line, summer finally decided to come out of the closet and reignite an old and familiar friend: our sweat glands. Between blotting our upper lips with tea tree sheets and sipping/slamming a few negroni slushies at Parson's, we realized the water weight we were losing deserved a celebration.  So we flew in our best YSF frenemies, slathered on the SPF 70, and got the fork out to Pitchfork Music Festival.

Special thigh claps to Ben, Emily + Mel for making it a moisty weekend and this video extra (large) special:

Post-Parson's Depression

Post-Parson's Depression

Raise a Perrier to a no-still-water weekend


Outfit details Nightgown/Cape: $5 bin Lincoln Park garage sale / Sunglasses: Kokorokoko / Turban: H&M / Liza striped dress: Banana Republic (SHRIEK!)

Taking a moment to air out 

Taking a moment to air out 

And since it's Friday, here's a gif to get you feeling frisky for the weekend: 


2015: Biggest Year Yet

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Welcome back to/from hell! We both ventured to our midwestern piles of childhood during the holiday and really blew up. Over tidings of Prosecco and quiche lorraine, we decided to come together in the new year to rekindle* the blessings/curses that we indulged in during our time off. 

*Objects in video are much larger than they appear.

Here's to our figural/literal biggest year yet, and forthcoming early death. Have fun at the gym!!!!