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Rhona Kane

SAY HAI to the YSF Winter Collection

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Pondering our inevitable pie intake.

Pondering our inevitable pie intake.

YSF has literally had it's can factcheck our scales. So in honor of the temperatures (and our standards) dropping, we'd like you to meet the first official YSF Winter Collection.

Before we get into the collection and WTF you can swaddle your sweaterbody into, we'd like to note a few things we learned along the creation and fulfillment process of this faux-fur-filled journey:

  • "free" size does not mean one-size-fits-all, contrary to popular belief in China.
  • 5-7 business days is actually an eternity.
  • VanderKlok can be spelled 1,000+ different ways, yet still be delivered to the correct person, BLEST.

Now without further adieu, feast your eyes on the YSF Winter Collection Looqbooq:


Highlight your winter skin with these matte black temp tatts.

The bigger the hoop, the smaller the chin(s).

Frame your faux jawline and add volume to your looq where it's least expected: your brain.

Cheers to the chicest of ears.

Treat the Batali tote like a second stomach and fill accordingly.

This Thanksgiving, we're thankful for ladies like ChristinaTaylor, & Rhona for encompassing true beauty and putting up with our shrieky unshowered Sunday AM looqs. 

My Country, Tis of Chic

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"Speak softly and always carry red lipstick." - Liza as Theodore Roosevelt

"Speak softly and always carry red lipstick." - Liza as Theodore Roosevelt

Today we recognize the men who worked in an office with a view chicer than Jenna Lyons' (sorry bae) while flawlessly mastering layering AND the tomboy looq (sorry again, Jenn). 

In honor of their work, we re-worked their greatest looqs: their presidential portraits. Naturally, we started with a stocked cabinet, calling on those who are always there when we need them most: doughnuts for sustenance, Rhona for the political tresses, and Christina for a portrait worth 1,000 impeachments. With the assistance of our trusted advisors and a lot of refined sugar, we bring you a tribute to Presidents' Day, YSF style. 

First up, above:


Theodore "T.R." Roosevelt, 26th President

  • Signature Looq: Referred to himself as a Bull Moose, which we have now adopted to also refer to ourselves.
  • Riskiest Looq: Went commando in the Potomac River - in the winter.
  • YSF Looq: Monocle Mugshot

Andrew Jackson, 7th President

  • Signature Looq: On the $20 billz, ya'll.
  • Riskiest Looq: Married his wife before she was divorced from her first hubby - #SCANDAL!
  • YSF Looq: Brows, brows, and fur.

Martin 'Bedhead' Van Buren, 8th President

  • Signature Looq: Known as the "Little Magician" due to his 5'6 stature - was his hair counted in that? 
  • Riskiest Looq: Credited for starting the Democratic party - chic for Obama!
  • YSF Looq: The wider the hair, the closer to heaven. 

John Adams, 2nd President

  • Signature Looq: The first Vice President of the US.
  • Riskiest Looq: Enrolled in Harvard at 15, while you were still watching Degrassi...
  • YSF Looq: Sequined bald cap and extra bronzer. 

Presidential photos via RooseveltVan Buren / Jackson / Adams