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The Night After: A SHHH Film with the Creators of the Winter Collection

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...In which our heroines discuss their inspiration, perspiration, and hallucinations about the YSF Winter '16 collection over IHOP's finest delicacies.

Our endless buffet of spanx and thanx to Tony for shooting/editing/not murking us during this shoot.

SAY HAI to the YSF Winter Collection

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Pondering our inevitable pie intake.

Pondering our inevitable pie intake.

YSF has literally had it's can factcheck our scales. So in honor of the temperatures (and our standards) dropping, we'd like you to meet the first official YSF Winter Collection.

Before we get into the collection and WTF you can swaddle your sweaterbody into, we'd like to note a few things we learned along the creation and fulfillment process of this faux-fur-filled journey:

  • "free" size does not mean one-size-fits-all, contrary to popular belief in China.
  • 5-7 business days is actually an eternity.
  • VanderKlok can be spelled 1,000+ different ways, yet still be delivered to the correct person, BLEST.

Now without further adieu, feast your eyes on the YSF Winter Collection Looqbooq:


Highlight your winter skin with these matte black temp tatts.

The bigger the hoop, the smaller the chin(s).

Frame your faux jawline and add volume to your looq where it's least expected: your brain.

Cheers to the chicest of ears.

Treat the Batali tote like a second stomach and fill accordingly.

This Thanksgiving, we're thankful for ladies like ChristinaTaylor, & Rhona for encompassing true beauty and putting up with our shrieky unshowered Sunday AM looqs. 

Quiz: Which #sweaterbody Are You?

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If your monthly horoscope is looking shrieky AF, don't worry. There's something worth overeating for--and it's not what you're thinking. It's the prayer that has been answered all over the midwest: October is the most anorexic looqing you'll be all year (CUE THE BOXED WINE)! So in honor of the best news we've actually ever heard, we double-whipped up a little quiz for you to discover and perfect your own sweater body for the next five months and, if you're lucky, years. Follow your cravings and the questions below for something you're actually invited to sink your teeth into, and keep scrolling for some styled looqs to match your appetite.

Calorie counting strictly prohibited

sweater body

Found your #sweaterbody but don't know how to werq it? We've got a few ideas... 

eggplant emoji

If You're an eggplant emoji:

Stay relevant and searchable with this pound-sign pocket book.

turkey leg

if you're a turkey leg:

Wrap your (taco) leftovers and your body in a tin foil metallic moment with this two-piece showstopper.

la croix

If you're a peach-pear lacroix:

Show you're part business and part royalty with this mermaid sequined green bomber jacket.

cauliflower crust

If you're a cauliflower crust pizza:

Dress up your couch looq with this denim trench dress. Perfect for pretending to not have showered for three days when the takeout delivery (finally) gets to the door.

turkey bacon

if you're a single slice of turkey bacon:

Top off your wafer-thin body with a booshel of fur from Zara. Two-toned hues will add to your lack of dimension.

avocado toast

If you're Avocado Toast: 

Bring out that golden brown crust you acquired this summer with a squirt of mustard...around your neck.